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Tricks That Can Make You Look Thinner

You can instantly “lose”a few pounds if you know how to dress properly s you can hide your flaws. Let’s take a look at a few fashion and beauty tricks that can make you look thinner, instantly.

High heels make your legs look longer

For your legs to look thinner and longer you should wear stiletto shows with high heels. Do not hesitate to wear them with shorts, just like celebrities often do.


V cleavage

One of the best tricks that can make you look thinner is to wear a top with a deep V cleavage. This is also good for your especially if you have bigger hips and shoulders.


Peplum clothes hide bigger hips

A peplum top is the best choice if you want to wear a skirt like in the photo below. Peplum does a very good job in hiding big hips, but highlights your waist and buttocks.


Monochrome outfits make you look thinner

Monochrome outfits, with same color top and pants, without prints, make you look thinner because they create the idea of a narrow and straight line. You can wear a deux pieces with long pants and coat, but also overalls. What is important is for the clothes to not be very wide but also not too tight.


What fashion tricks do you use to make you look thinner ? Share them with us in the comments below.

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