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Fashion History in Photos: The Most Popular Fashion Trends Of The Last Century

Fashion has changed quite a lot over the last 100 years. If before 1900 a fashion trend was popular for more than 100 years, in the 20th century, as the media has started to evolve, fashion trends have changed much faster.

From decade to decade we can easily notice how fashion trends changed faster and faster, becoming what we call nowadays season trends. Let’s take a look at some of the most important fashion trends of the last century.

The 20′s

The 20′s were truly revolutionary. Dresses have become shorter, which says quite a lot, and the cut moved further away from the idea of a corset. Evening dresses were opulent and fluid, and the extremely sexy flapper style was much loved by men.


The 30′s

The 30′s were a glam period, influenced by Hollywood celebrities. The icon dresses of that decade are white satin or silver dresses, very decent in the front however with deep cleavages in the back.



The 40′s

World War II debuts in 1939, which changes the fashion of the 40′s. Glamorous evening dresses are forgotten in favor of deux pieces suits, which are comfortable and practical.


The 50′s

Christian Dior creates one of the most icon collections of all time, New Look. The designer reintroduces the corset, makes the waist thinner and increases the hips. New Look represents a return to the traditional woman model, however it is controversial. Dior’s mark on the 50′s fashion is quite obvious.



The 60′s

The fashion of the 60′s is dominated by youth. The corset is again forgotten, clothes become wider, and young women start wearing mini skirts. Mature women continue to wear the clothes of the 50′s. The design and colors are much influenced by Pop Art. Costs lowered and fashion becomes more accessible.



The 70′s

Fashion is very much influenced by music and becomes more diverse, with multiple styles at the same time and everybody is wearing jeans. Vivienne Westwood revolutionizes the British fashion, becoming a pioneer of the punk trend.

fashion-7The 80′s

The economy is growing and the United States of America becomes the center of fashion. The career woman emerges, dressed in oversized suits, looking to be men’s equal. Fashion focuses on colors and opulence, everything is oversized. Madonna becomes the fashion icon of the 80′s.



The 90′s

If in the 70′s fashion is influenced by rock stars and in the 80′s fashion was influenced by TV celebrities, models become the new trendsetters in the 90′s. Music focuses on street fashion: the grunge or hip-hop styles dominate and Kate Moss becomes the new fashion icon.


The internet has become more present in our lives starting with the 2000′s, however there are no major trends anymore. Trends change every season, fashion is interpreted and online stores makes it easier for women to stay trendy.

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