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Canadian Singer Celine Dion is Getting a Divorce

The year 2013 seems to be unlucky for many Hollywood celebrity couples as many of them filed for divorce, and this time the turn has come for singer Celine Dion, one of the most appreciated voices of all times, to do the same. Celine is 45 years old.

Although she apparently had one of the most solid marriages in Hollywood, singer Celine Dion decided to divorce Rene Angelil, 71 years old, after 19 years of marriage, according to National Enquirer.


Celine Dion admitted, a short while ago, that she had her husband had problems before also fueled by the fact that they are working together, but they managed to solve their problems and get past everything with the help of communication.

However, this time, their misunderstandings upset Celine Dion so much that she decided to end the marriage with a divorce. Celine already stopped wearing her wedding ring and National Enquirer says that the age difference between her and her husband is finally taking its toll, Celine Dion being 26 years younger than Rene.

With the divorce, Celine Dion and her husband will also start fighting for a share of their $720 million fortune, but also for the custody of their three children: 12 years old son and 3 years old twins.

Canadian singer Celine Dion and her husband Rene met in 1980 when Celine was only 12 years old. Rene Angelil became her manager and in December of 1994 he became her husband. Rene payed a huge contribution to Celine Dion’s world fame.

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